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Words from Pastor Davis

Here in Kenya the situation is worsening. The economy is so bad to the extent of even civil servants missing their salaries for three months. The government says there is no money in the treasury and the public debt has hit 10 trillion Kenya Shillings. The price of food has gone up four times compared  to a period last this last year. 

This forced people to go on the streets to protest for the high cost of basic goods like corn flour which is a stipple food in Kenya. The opposition leaders  have been leading these protects which have turned deadly. When the presided saw that things were getting out of control he called for dialogue. The dialogue has collapsed even before they begun because the two sides are do not want to listen to another. Having discovered that the government was not serious with the dialogue to lower the cost of basic commodities the opposition has called for the beginning of mass protest after  a two week lull. Whenever  this happens properties are destroyed the police go on killing spree, cases of rape rise and children stay at home. 

The president has sounded a warning to those who will go on the streets to protest and that they will face the full force of the police. The opposition on the other hand is determined to lead mass actions to force the government to lower the cost of living.

Across Kenya the war clouds are gathering. Below is a picture I took during protest that spilled into the homes of people. Please pray for our country. Despair is written on the faces of Kenyans. The wayward spiritual leaders have taken advantage and are urging people to fast untill they die so that they go to heaven.  As I write this message hundreds of dead bodies have been exhumed from the compound of a certain church. Their leaders told them that in order to  escape the tribulations of the world they should go to the church land of about 800 acres and fast untill they die and go to heaven.  As the police continue with exhumation bodies of people and children  as young as two weeks old are being discovered. Most deaths occurred this year.