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The Vision of ARK DAVIS

But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

Jeremiah 17:7

Building an orphanage

To provide all the needs of these children we want to establish an orphanage where they are secure, have enough food, get together and can also be treated due to their medical conditions.

The land

Update 26th January 2022: Land is aquired!

Bless the Lord for the provision!

To build the orphanage we first have to buy the property.
With this land we can not only build small houses, we also are able to cultivate it and sell the harvest to survive without so much need of donations and the help of others.

Building the houses/cabins

Most people think of one big house when they have an orphanage in mind. But multiple smaller houses are easier to build and maintain.

It is also easier to expand if there is need for more.

  • Dorms / Bedrooms

    Accommodation is one of the most important thing and has clearly priority. A place where every child has his own bed (in the best case) and is able to rest (especially the kids with sickness). The county is also affected of floods and heavy rain. The kids would be secure.

  • Canteen / Kitchen

    A building where they can not only store food, they also could cook their meals and if it is big enough eat together in one place.

  • Medical center

    Since many children are facing serious diseases a small medical center with some medical supplies and some beds to rest would be very important.

  • School

    A little school where the children are able to learn together and get also some support of others if they are struggling.

  • Church

    Last but not least a church since these children are strongly believe in GOD.  A place where they can sing and pray together. To have a strong faith in GOD and Jesus is very important for them. So they know that there is ALWAYS somebody who loves them and will never forget them.

  • Tool shed (utilities) / Garage

    A secure place where tools can be stored and a car can be parked.


To be able to live by your own and taking care of so many kids there is a big need of infrastructure.

  • Generators for electricity

    Even if they have electricity the wires sometimes break due to the weather/storms or sometimes there is also a power break.

  • Water supply

    A water system where they can store water and also water the fields for the fields.

  • A car

    To act fast if a child needs medical attention a car would literally safe lives and it would also be needed for transportation (food and other supplies).

Please help these children and provide them a life every child deserves.